I Can't Stand It (song for unknown)

from by Luke Burrage

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Lyrics written in 2004, inspired by true events.


Last night, I stood on the dance floor
The people in the dark all danced to the music
as one all around they moved their feet
waved their hands and nod their heads to the beat

And the lights were flashing, swirling and blinding
The DJ switched and mixed to the next track
Screams drilled through me, bass bin was pumping
Sweat dripped off bodies grinding and bumping

I pushed my way through crowd to the door
and I was stopped this girl who'd caught my eye before
She pulled me aside, put her mouth close to my ear

and said

I can't stand it
Take me with you
I can't stand it
Take me with you

She led me outside she said you don't even know me
but you're going somewhere better and I want you to show me
He eyes were pleading as she took me by the hand
She said I need you to want me, not to understand

I wasn't quite sure of an offer of this kind
But I looked her up and down, and I soon made up my mind
We got into a cab I gave directions to my place
In the back I kept my distance though but my heart began race.

In a previous life I must have done something right
For a beautiful girl to beg me to stay the night
She threw her arms around me put her mouth close to mine

and said

I can't stand it
Won't you kiss me
I can't stand it
Won't you kiss me

So we kissed in the back, til the cab got to my home
My mind was in check, but my hands began to roam.
All best intentions they were thrown into the air
People saw us on my doorstep but right then I didn't care

We finally made our way from the door to the bed
In a long trail behind left the clothes that we'd shed.
Naked on the sheets, my hands caress her skin
Her mouth open, her eyes closed, her whole body trembling.

Holding each other in this passionate embrace
Her eyes opened wide, anticipation on her face
She kissed me once more deeply, and then pulled my head back sharply


I can't stand it
Make love to me
I can't stand it
Make love to me

There it is, the offer of a lifetime
Naked stranger in my arms telling me she will be all mine
Suddenly the doubts shot through my brain
She wanted to make love, but she didn't know my name

Who's this girl, and why does she want me?
To carry on right then, it would have been so easy
But I got out of bed, and said, I understand
You're looking for escape but I won't be your one night stand

And that was that, I spent the night on my floor.
I woke up in the morning as I heard a slamming door
I hoped she wasn't angry then I found the note she'd left

it read

I can't stand it
but you gave me
all I needed
for that I thank you.


from Two Minute Pop, released October 9, 2013


tags: comedy pop Berlin


all rights reserved


Luke Burrage Berlin, Germany

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